Telehealth - Virtual Visits

See one of our chiropractors from the comfort of your home. Our doctors can diagnose and provide recommendations to treat musculo-skeletal conditions remotely using any internet browser from your computer or mobile device.


You can schedule a Virtual Visit to receive quality chiropractic care conveniently from wherever you are. Your visit with one of our doctors will provide you with greater understanding of your condition as well as information on how you can treat it on your own. During the discovery process of a Virtual Visit, you and the doctor will discuss your problem and perform exams that will identify the cause. If the problem is manageable on your own, the doctor will provide you with a plan on how you can treat yourself. If the problem is more complex, the doctor will give you advice on what you should do next.


Cost and insurance

You will never pay more than $49. Most patients pay far less, depending on insurance benefits. We accept many insurance plans. If we conclude that a Virtual Visit isn’t appropriate for your condition, you will not be charged.

To schedule your Virtual Visit, simply fill out the form below. You can also give us a call: 503-406-2020.


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