Dr. Jessica Wu

Dr Jeff Otto Hillsboro Chiropractor

Adhesion Breaker Myofascial Release (IASTM), Diversified, Spinal Manipulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound

Dr. Jeff is a highly skilled and passionate chiropractor with a deep love for the Pacific Northwest’s stunning outdoors. When he’s not in his clinic, aligning spines, and improving patients’ lives, you’re likely to find him cycling through the region’s picturesque trails or engaging in various active pursuits that this beautiful landscape has to offer.

Dr. Jeff’s passion for health and wellness extends beyond his practice. An avid cyclist, he believes in the power of physical activity as an essential component of a balanced lifestyle. His enthusiasm for cycling is not just about the thrill and exhilaration of the ride, but also about promoting overall well-being, resilience, and a connection to nature.

With his holistic approach to health and his commitment to personal fitness, Dr. Jeff brings a unique perspective to his chiropractic work. His patients appreciate his hands-on, empathetic approach, as well as his ability to understand the needs of those leading an active lifestyle.