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For individuals who want to invest in their health but have been held back by injuries, Renu Chiropractic is a wellness clinic that helps you get out of pain and become stronger. Renu Chiropractic sets itself apart from other healthcare clinics with its commitment to helping you become the best version of yourself while building a long lasting relationship. Renu Chiropractic provides high quality healthcare in a modern, relaxed environment.

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What we Treat


Being in a car crash is a stressful event, we can help you with claim and insurance process.


Low Back Pain effects 78% of people in their lifetime. Our approach to pain is the way to fix it.


Headaches are a sign that there’s an underlying issue. We work to find the real problem at its source.


Stop pain from stopping you. We’ll help you get back pain-free movement and restful sleep.



  • “I’ve had a positive experience with positive results!” I was in a pretty major car accident a few months ago, and while I wasn’t badly injured, I have been experiencing discomfort and pain ever since. The staff at TV highway Chiropractic have been absolutely amazing, kind, friendly, and interactive. They’re also really good at what they do, and I can definitely say that I’ve had a positive experience with positive results!  
  • “Dr. Bui instantly worked his magic” IMG_0006Dr. Bui did a marvelous job realigning my spine. I was having issues looking over my shoulder when driving in the car and troubles sleeping. Within two visits to his office I had most of my range of motion back. I stuck with the treatment because it felt so relaxing and was reasonably priced! and I am forever grateful. Thank you!
  • “For anyone who works out or trains in martial arts, I would highly recommend Dr. Bui” richard I am a mixed martial artist with focus in areas such as: Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). My visit to TV Chiropractic happened when my neck was tweaked in BJJ — I could hardly sit up in bed as my neck muscles that allows your chin to bend towards your chest was completely stiff. The mobility was very limited and I had a hard time turning it left and right. I almost booked a trip to urgent care because of this but knew they would offer me muscle relaxers which would make me sleepy and unproductive. Instead, I found TV Highway Chiropractic was only a few miles from my house and based on the google reviews I decided to give it a shot. The outside of the establishment looked a bit run down and old but surprisingly the interior was tastefully decorated. The staff was very polite and the environment, calming. I expressed my concerns to Dr. Bui and informed him I did not want a direct neck adjustment in fear of agitating the area further. He instead worked on areas of my back which I had no idea were misaligned and swollen. All those left jabs I’ve thrown had inflamed the area under my left scapula. The pressure and massage that he provided really tenderized the area and gave a “hurts so good” kind of feeling. He worked around my shoulders and base of my neck where my muscles were compensating for the stiff neck. The adjustments to the base of the neck relieved a lot of tension I had holding my neck up. The longer he worked the more my confidence grew in his abilities and I eventually let him adjust my neck. He only used small movements but they made some good popping sounds. By the end of the session my neck mobility had gone from 30% to 70% — The day after my neck was about 85% on its own. Not only does he have a good understanding of the human body but he also has a lot of awareness of body mechanics in sports. I plan on coming back for maintenance work on my back. Thank you Dr. Bui,  
    Richard Pham
  • “He is efficient and truly cares about taking care of people!” NatalieDr Bui is beyond amazing. I had some severe neck pain and he came in before all his other clients to take care of me. He is efficient and truly cares about taking care of people! If you are in need of a great chiropractor you must go to TV highway chiropractic!!!  
    Natalie O
  • “I haven’t felt like this in twenty years” Melisa CookI have been told by many specialists that I would have to live with my debilitating pain in my neck , back, and shoulder. “It will continue to flare up and worsen,” the Doctor’s have said. With having RA and fibromyalgia my days would consist of a heating pad and the feeling of defeat. Then I found Dr. Bui and his chiropractic clinic. I have all but given up that anything could be done for me. Dr. Bui had me take xrays and set a plan for treatment. I was very doubtful but Dr. Bui was so positive he could relieve my pain and discomfort. I am four weeks in to my therapy and I haven’t felt like this in twenty years. I am able to do the most simple of tasks again with out being down for days. I had never tried this type of therapy before and it had never been suggested. I wish I had someone that could have told me there was hope and a treatment to help me sooner. I want to thank Dr. Bui and his staff. They have made the impossible possible. I can’t give them enough praise! Thank you so much,
    Melisa Cook
  • Peter N
    I was involved in a head on collision and TV Highway Chiropractic is 2 miles from my house and I’m so glad I went. Dr. Bui is young but does amazing work. My back was in extreme pain and with regular visits, I’m back to normal. His adjustments had turned more so into an addiction. I see him for regular adjustments now. His education has me looking more into my body and health. Not related to the accident, but I had poor posture that nobody has ever pointed out. He helped me adjust and gave tips that has helped shape it back into where it should be at. My posture is not perfect but it no longer stands out. Do your body a favor and go see him.  
    Peter N
  • Nick L
    “5/5 stars for TV Hwy Chiropractic!” My experiences with Dr. Bui have been phenomenal. His knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond really shows in his treatments and communication. The staff is friendly and his hours make it really convenient to make visits. So far he’s treated me in my back, shoulders, neck and even sports injuries I’ve sustained in my feet. 5/5 stars for TV Hwy Chiropractic!  
    Nick L
  • Jane
    Highly recommended!” Professional and caring staff. Dr. Bui is very thorough in his process from examination, treatment, and knowledge. Highly recommended!  

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