Dr. Sheneé Harris


Adhesion Breaker Myofascial Release (IASTM), Diversified, Spinal Manipulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound

Dr. Harris is a recent graduate from University of Western States and board certified chiropractic physician. She is originally from Missouri City, Tx formerly known as “Mo. City, Tx.” She moved to Portland, OR two weeks after experiencing Hurricane Harvey to pursue her doctoral degree in chiropractic in September 2017. Dr. Harris went to chiropractic school by day and massage therapy school by night while working overnight supporting disabled individuals at a rehab home. She later graduated from University of Western States as a Massage Therapist in May 2018 and completed her studies in Doctor of Chiropractic in December 2020. While attending UWS she chartered the first Pacific Northwest Student American Black Chiropractic Association organization (SABCA) in March 2018 with efforts to network & recruit black professionals to study chiropractic, and educate the black community about the benefits of chiropractic.

Dr. Harris received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry at Prairie View A&M University. While attending undergrad she always had aspirations of becoming a doctor but did not know which field to study until one day while stopped at a red light she was in a rear-end collision and experienced whiplash for the first time. That’s when chiropractic care was introduced to her. She saw a chiropractor for about 3-4 months and made a full recovery with no medication or steroid shots. She was able to move pain free and get back to the activities she loves which is dancing. She continued her dance career as a Legacy Black Fox majorette with the Marching Storm band for halftime. She also danced with the Classic Dance Ensemble for a few years while maintaining her academics on the Dean’s List and National Honor Society.

Outside of her hobby which is dancing and performing arts, Dr. Harris has always been passionate about helping and healing people who are in need. She offers a holistic approach to her patients wellbeing and always put their health first. Her unique variety of techniques and protocols for each treatment uses astute knowledge of the human body to create a specialized treatment tailored to each patient. She takes her time to address the patients pain and dysfunction in order to have an immediate pain relief response after treatment.

Dr. Harris also loves spending time with her husband and step-son while at home. She and her family loves to go to church on Sunday’s, watch movies, play board games, and the PS5 for quality family time. They also love to go outdoors on hikes, walks at the park, and to the beach at the Coast.