Dr. Max Muehleip

Beaverton Chiropractor

Adhesion Breaker Myofascial Release (IASTM), Diversified, Spinal Manipulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound

Dr. Max was born in Chicago, IL and as a child endured many health problems. Suffering from constant colds and infections, asthma, and allergies to everything from pollen to dust to animals, Max was a very sick little boy. In middle school, his parents moved the family to rural Wisconsin. Surrounded by fresh air, plenty of room to run around, and lots of vegetables from the garden, Max’s allergies and asthma began to disappear. Additionally, he met a Chiropractor, Dr. Kurt Burbach of Dyersville, IA, who told him that Chiropractors “use the Force,” like Jedis to get people feeling better. This idea lodged in Max’s brain, and after seeing Chiropractic save his cousin from neck surgery and his mother from nerve pain, he knew he wanted to be involved in natural healthcare.

Like like many people however, bad habits and temptations fought back, and during high school he endured severe cystic acne and frequent colds and infections. This pattern continued into college when after his sophomore year, lackluster grades and a sense of directionless in life led Max to do some soul-searching. It took weeks of focused attention, but he was finally able to articulate his life’s mission: teaching people practical ways to live fuller, healthier lives.

The next two years of college were difficult, and Max had to learn the real meaning of hard work. Max graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, and was accepted into the University of Western States Chiropractic program in Portland, OR. During Chiropractic school his frequent colds and infections decreased, his weight dropped to a healthy level, blood pressure balanced and the acne cleared up. This process wasn’t easy; there were many days when Max thought about giving up, and sometimes it was only the drive to live his mission that kept him going. Fortunately, living this mission and following practical healthy lifestyle habits reaped results. In December 2016, he graduated from the University of Western States with his Doctorate in Chiropractic a a year later with his Masters in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine. Dr. Max’s wife Maya gave birth to their son Magnus in January 2018, and in March he joined the team at T.V. Highway Chiropractic in Aloha, OR. Although he still encounters challenges (his ‘dad belly’ is growing at the moment), he understands that health and happiness are a life-long journey. He is currently finishing requirements to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS).