Dr. Kortnee Gray

Dr Kortnee Gray Beaverton Chiropractor

Adhesion Breaker Myofascial Release (IASTM), Diversified, Spinal Manipulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. Kortnee Gray moved to Oregon for Chiropractic school at the University of Western States. While shadowing a Sports Medicine Chiropractor, she saw how many people left the chiropractic office smiling and feeling better than when they walked in. This had a huge impact on her and set the tone for her career. She never wanted to tell a patient to stop doing what they love because of their pain. Fast forward to the present day, Dr. Gray works with patients of all ages to live a pain-free life.

‌Dr. Gray believes our health is multi-faceted and begins with our everyday choices. Her treatments aren’t solely limited to chiropractic adjustments and include modalities such as cupping, taping, instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, rehab exercises, and nutrition.

‌In her free time, Dr. Gray enjoys biking, climbing, running, birding, and cooking. In the winter months, she takes advantage of the cooler temperatures to bake pastries.