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Auto Injury Care for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Motor vehicle accidents frequently occur, and even minor collisions can cause serious injuries. Whiplash, neck pain, and back pain are some of the common injuries sustained in a car accident. If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, you may be struggling with these injuries and unable to perform daily activities. Have you considered chiropractic treatment to help alleviate your pain and discomfort? Chiropractic treatment for
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By: Max E. Muehleip, MS, DC As a Chiropractor, one of my goals is to practice what I preach to my patients. How can I claim eating well and exercising will increase your health if I don’t have the first-hand experience for it? Well, at the end of 2018 I made up my mind to get my health back together. My son Magnus was born in January of 2018, and as my friend Jo Ellen

Dr. Max’s Migraine Minimizer Program

Posted by Duy Bui on  March 6, 2019
Life is stressful, and for many of us, dealing with headache pain is the last thing on our ‘to-do’ list. I’m a Chiropractor, and even I’ve heard this refrained a million times: ‘Just take some aspirin.’ And after all, aspirin is effective isn’t it? The headache subsides and we go about our day. But then what… the headaches come right back. Often they come back when we least want them to. For millions of Americans


Posted by Duy Bui on  February 26, 2019
Personal injury is a term often used to describe an injury most commonly caused by a car accident. It may also include other types of injury such as a slip or fall. Whiplash is most commonly associated with rear-end car collisions in which the heads of those in the front car are suddenly snapped back and forth by the impact. It is more accurately called cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) trauma or syndrome, which describes the rapid
If you’re like me, whenever somebody tells you a fact about personal finance, or poverty, or their winning lottery numbers, you ask them: Where did you get that information? Including your sources whenever you make a bold claim is important, as any student, lawyer, or doctor (that’s me!), will tell you.   As a Chiropractor, I observe dramatic changes in patients’ lives every day. Back pain, dealt with for years unsuccessfully, begins to heal and turn
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Massage Therapy vs. Chiropractic Care

Posted by Duy Bui on  May 5, 2016
TV Highway Chiropractic offers both Massage Therapy treatment as well as Chiropractic Care. We believe that integrating both treatments has better outcomes than either on it’s own. Many of our treatment plans suggest massage therapy for soft tissue corrections and chiropractic manipulations to the spine and extremities for optimum structural correction.

Why Do You Have Headaches?

Posted by Duy Bui on  April 26, 2016
Did you know, there are 7 Primary Contributing Factors to Headaches and Pain? 1. Musculoskeletal Imbalance: Musculoskeletal headaches are also commonly referred to as tension headaches.   Musculoskeletal, or tension headaches are caused by stress on the nerves where the skull meets the very base of the neck. 2.Postural Distortion: Postural distortions lead to underdevelopment of the supporting muscles, which causes their weakening. As a result, headaches frequently occur. 3 .Lack of blood to the area:
Oregon Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP) All Oregon non-commercial auto insurance policies have no-fault Personal Injury Protection (PIP) healthcare and wage loss coverage. What this means is that if you are injured in an auto, bicycle, or pedestrian accident, your auto insurance provides a minimum of one year and $15,000 in no-fault medical coverage. In addition to medical coverage, your personal injury protection insurance provides wage loss coverage. This coverage is mandatory for all auto
Chronic inflammation may be the “Silent Killer” you are ignoring.  No matter what your age or physical condition, inflammation needs to be taken seriously.  It can be responsible for aching knees, degenerating joints, and even more serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Breaking Down Inflammation The body’s response to an injury caused by an infection, trauma, or biomechanical dysfunction is inflammation.  When an inflammation response is triggered, soft tissue relases chemical signaling proteins